Email Fraud (or Email Scams)

Email frauds (or email scams) are commonplace in Hong Kong as an international financial city where money can be transferred without restrictions. For the unfortunate victim, it is a race against time to get the money back before dissipation. L & Y works with the client around the clock to apply for injunction orders and to cooperate with the police with an aim to freeze the bank accounts at the quickest speed. L & Y also has experience in tracing virtual assets like Bitcoins or Ethers through our network with various crypto-exchanges and trading platforms. It should be borne in mind that the need to act quickly remains of paramount importance. L & Y provides legal support to deal with the bank and the police. On the other hand, we also assist the innocent clients to defend the criminal charges and to unfreeze the bank accounts in the face of any allegation of involvement in email fraud or email scams.

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