Security Token Offering (STO)

Security token offering (“STO”) is the creation of investment offer where real securities (e.g. stocks, bonds, funds, real estate, investment fund) are tokenized and put on a blockchain. Issuers benefit by having more global investor base, enjoying large scale cost efficiency and lowering future liquidity premium. Our experienced blockchain lawyers understand the related risks of doing business in this uncertain regulatory landscape, and we have a reputation as thought leaders who structure unique transactions. L & Y offers comprehensive STO legal services, which include regulators compliant STOs under optimal offering structures, analysis for potential legal and regulatory compliance for your token offering, determination and analysis of the characterization of your token, review and advise on your business plan, white paper, website, press releases, marketing and advertising materials, drafting of offering memorandum, legal opinions, KYC and AML legal advice and solutions, post-token offering regulatory compliance, token resale and secondary market (exchange) trading considerations, and providing updates regarding the latest regulatory developments.

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