Intellectual Properties

At L & Y, we advise our clients on the intellectual properties and technology management strategies to assist our clients in deriving the maximum value from their intellectual property. Our team possesses extensive experience in intellectual property practice. We offer advisory services on patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs and blockchain etc., and other legal services covering the prosecution, acquisition, licensing and enforcement of intellectual property. Not only is our team experienced in handling contentious intellectual property works, in advising clients in protecting their brand portfolios, and in taking out enforcement actions in Hong Kong, our team is also experienced in commercial intellectual property matters such as the licensing, assignments, non-disclosure agreements. We also provide legal advice on artificial intelligence (“AI”) related matters, including the intellectual property, assignment, management and transfer of AI, and the discussion of such technology in compliance with security laws and other related laws in Hong Kong, and also assist clients in the implementation of AI into businesses in a legal and secured manner.

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