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15 Nov 2018     [Henry Yu & Associates] News re SFC Conceptual Framework for Crypto-Exchanges


15 Feb 2019    [Hong Kong] Hong Kong International Blockchain and Financial Association and OneTV signed a strategic cooperation agreement

8 Feb 2019    [United Arab Emirates] MoF, IMF to discuss development of future of Blockchain and digital assets at World Government Summit

7 Feb 2019    [Switzerland] Swiss Stock Exchange to Launch its own Security Token This Year

7 Feb 2019    [US] Texas Watchdog Strikes 16 Crypto Scams with Enforcement Orders

31 Jan 2019     [UK] Cryptocurrency Liquidity Provider B2C2 OTC Receives FCA Authorisation

31 Jan 2019     [Korea] South Korea Will Maintain ICO Ban After Finding Token Projects Broke Rules

25 Jan 2019     [Taiwan] FSC Planning to Release Rules for Securities Tokens

25 Jan 2019     [Italy] Italy’s Senate Moves to Set Legal Foundation for Blockchain Timestamps

24 Jan 2019     [Singapore] MAS halts Securities Token Offering for Regulatory Breach

23 Jan 2019     [UK] UK Financial Conduct Authority Issues Consultation on Cryptoasset Guidance

17 Jan 2019      [China] The Chinese National Internet Information Office (CNIIO) issued “Blockchain Information Services”, which will go in force February 15th, 2019

1 Jan 2019    [Switzerland] Federal Council adopts implementing provisions for fintech authorisation

28 Dec 2018     [India] India May Legalize Cryptos But Under ‘Strong’ Rules: Report

21 Dec 2018     [US] US Lawmakers Seek Sanctions Against Iran’s Cryptocurrency Efforts

14 Dec 2018     [EU] EU Parliament Calls for Action on Blockchain Adoption in Trade

14 Dec 2018     [US] US Government Issues Advice Over Bitcoin Bomb Threat Emails

14 Dec 2018     [US] SEC’s Crypto Czar Signals Some Flexibility on Token Offerings

07 Dec 2018     [US] US Congressmen Introduce Two Bills to Prevent Crypto Price Manipulation

07 Dec 2018     [US] SEC Fines Crypto Fund $50K and Issues Cease-and-Desist

07 Dec 2018     [Venezuela] Venezuela to Sell Oil for Petro Cryptocurrency in 2019, Says Maduro

03 Dec 2018     [Singapore] Monetary Authority of Singapore Unveils Updated Regulations for Cryptocurrency ICO

29 Nov 2018     [US] SEC Fines Floyd Mayweather, DJ Khaled for ICO Promotions

22 Nov 2018     [EU] Major Banks Sign Up for New EU Commission Blockchain App Association

21 Nov 2018     [US] Four More ICOs Hit with Cease-and-Desists by Colorado Securities Regulator

16 Nov 2018     [US] SEC’s Statement on Digital Asset Securities Issuance and Trading

14 Nov 2018     [Global] Central banks should look at issuing digital currency, says IMF’s Christine Lagarde

9 Nov 2018     [Venezuela] Venezuela to Present Petro at OPEC as the ‘Digital Currency for Oil’

8 Nov 2018     [US] SEC Charges EtherDelta Founder Over ‘Unregistered Securities Exchange’

5 Nov 2018     [China] China’s Central Bank Moves to Restrict Free Crypto Giveaways

5 Nov 2018     [US] SEC Official Says ‘Plain English’ Guidance On ICOs Is Coming

4 Nov 2018     [US] SEC says it Shut Down More Than a Dozen Illegal ICOs in the Past Year

1 Nov 2018     [Hong Kong] SFC sets out new regulatory approach for virtual assets

27 Sept 2018     [Hong Kong] Bitmain By the Numbers: An Inside Look at a Bitcoin Mining Empire

13 Sept 2018     [India] Indian Central Bank Argues Cryptos ‘Not Valid’ as Currency in Court Battle

11 Sept 2018     [Oceania] IMF Advises Against Crypto as Legal Tender in Marshall Islands Report

11 Sept 2018     [US] SEC Hits Crypto Asset Fund and ‘ICO Superstore’ With Penalties

11 Sept 2018     [US] US Judge Rules ICO Frauds Fall Under Securities Law

27 Aug 2018     [India] New RBI unit to track blockchain and AI

24 Aug 2018     [Singapore] MAS and SGX partner Anquan, Deloitte and Nasdaq to harness blockchain technology for settlement of tokenised assets

9 Aug 2018     [Thailand] 20 Thai Crypto Exchanges Have Applied for New Digital Assets Licenses

8 Aug 2018     [Global] Regulators Plan ‘Global Sandbox’ for Fintech Including Blockchain

3 Aug 2018     [Global] G20 Crypto Regulations Could Unleash Real Blockchain Change

31 July 2018     [US] OCC Begins Accepting National Bank Charter Applications From Financial Technology Companies

18 July 2018     [UK] Letter from the Governor of the Bank of England to the Chair on digital currencies

17 July 2018     [US] Coinbase Says It Won Approval for Trio of Acquisitions

28 June 2018    [US] US Judge Says Boxer-Backed ICO Token Is a Security

22 June 2018    [US] Bitcoin Just Got a Shoutout in a New US Supreme Court Opinion

21 June 2018   [Hong Kong] Beware of Representations Using the Description “Bank”

19 June 2018    [France] Five Takeaways From Macron’s Plan to Revamp French Business

14 June 2018    [Thailand] Thailand’s SEC Expects to Approve 5 ICOs This Month

14 June 2018    [US] Digital Asset Transactions: When Howey Met Gary (Plastic)

1 June 2018      [Hong Kong] Circular to intermediaries on compliance with notification requirements

24 May 2018    [Singapore] MAS warns Digital Token Exchanges and ICO Issuer

23 May 2018    [China] China Prosecutes 98 Over Alleged $2 Billion OneCoin Pyramid Scheme

22 May 2018    [UK] Bank of England’s written submission on digital currencies

22 May 2018    [UK] Financial Conduct Authority’s written submission on digital currencies

22 May 2018    [UK] Eversheds Sutherland’s written submission on digital currencies

22 May 2018    [US] South Carolina Sanctions Startup Over Unregistered Token Sales

22 May 2018    [US] Bitcoin Brokerage Denies Tezos ICO Involvement in Court Filing

21 May 2018    [US] CFTC Staff Issues Advisory for Virtual Currency Products

19 Apr 2018    [Macau] Macau issues cryptocurrency crime warning after link to former triad boss emerges

13 Apr 2018    [Kenya] Kenya’s Central Bank Chief Warns Again On Crypto Risks

11 Apr 2018    [Taiwan] Taiwan Moves to Capture Bitcoin Under Money Laundering Laws

11 Apr 2018    [UK] Bank of England Eyes Private Blockchain Oversight

10 Apr 2018    [Global] GST Treatment of Virtual Currencies

4 Apr 2018     [Hong Kong] SFC eyes instant messaging schemes

19 Mar 2018    [Hong Kong] SFC’s regulatory action halts ICO to Hong Kong public

19 Mar 2018    [US] ICOs Iced: A 12-Month Freeze on US Token Trading May Just Be Beginning

16 Mar 2018    [China] Gov’t-Affiliated Investment Association In China To Launch Blockchain ‘Center’

14 Mar 2018    [US] SEC Probes Cryptoasset Hedge Funds as Regulators Ramp up ICO Scrutiny

13 Mar 2018    [South Korea] Initial Coin Offering Ban in South Korea Could Soon Have an End

13 Mar 2018    [China] China is Working Toward National Blockchain Standards

9 Mar 2018    [China] Cash Might Die but No Hurry to Develop Digital Currency: China Central Bank Chief

8 Mar 2018    [Japan] Japan’s Finance Watchdog Suspends Two Crypto Exchanges

7 Mar 2018    [US] Statement on Potentially Unlawful Online Platforms for Trading Digital Assets

16 Feb 2018    [Switzerland] FINMA Publishes ICO Guidelines

16 Feb 2018    [Switzerland] FINMA ICO Guidelines

15 Feb 2018    [Malaysia] Public Are Deciding Crypto’s Future In Malaysia

12 Feb 2018    [EU] EU regulators warn consumers cryptocurrencies are ‘highly risky’ and unsuitable for investment

9 Feb 2018    [Hong Kong] SFC warns of cryptocurrency risks

6 Feb 2018    [Hong Kong] Guideline on Authorization of Virtual Banks

6 Feb 2018    [US] Testimony on “Virtual Currencies: The Oversight Role of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission”

6 Feb 2018    [US] Written Testimony of Commodity Futures Trading Commission

5 Feb 2018    [China] China to stamp out cryptocurrency trading completely with ban on foreign platforms

1 Feb 2018    [India] India Just Caused the Price of Bitcoin to Slide Again

31 Jan 2018    [Korea] South Korea says it has no plans to shut down cryptocurrency trading

23 Jan 2018    [Korea] Financial Measures To Curb Speculation In Cryptocurrency Trading

18 Jan 2018    [US] Staff Letter: Engaging on Fund Innovation and Cryptocurrency-related Holdings

16 Jan 2018    [China] PBOC official says China’s centralized virtual currency trade needs to end: source

15 Jan 2018    [France] France declares war on the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple – could tough new stance lead to a ban?

15 Jan 2018    [China] China Escalates Crackdown on Cryptocurrency Trading

2 Jan 2018    [Korea] South Korea Sets Date for Anonymous Crypto Trading Ban: Report

21 Dec 2017    [US] FINRA Warns Investors: Don’t Fall for Cryptocurrency-Related Stock Scams

19 Dec 2018    [Singapore] MAS cautions against investments in cryptocurrencies

11 Dec 2017    [US] Statement on Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings

11 Dec 2017    [Hong Kong] Circular to Licensed Corporations and Registered Institutions on Bitcoin futures contracts and cryptocurrency-related investment products

1 Dec 2017    [US] Feds shut down allegedly fraudulent cryptocurrency offering (Plexcorps case)

30 Nov 2017    [US] Fed’s Quarles warns that digital currencies like bitcoin pose ‘serious financial stability issues’ as they grow

21 Nov 2017    [Singapore] MAS Launches Second Consultation on New Regulatory Framework for Payments

15 Nov 2017    [Singapore] Monetary Authority of Singapore Issues Guidelines on ICOs

13 Nov 2017    [EU] ESMA Highlights ICO Risks for Investors and Firms

14 Nov 2017    [Singapore] A Guide to Digital Token Offerings

9 Nov 2017    [Germany] Consumer warning: the risks of initial coin offerings

1 Nov 2017    [US] Investor Alert: Celebrity Endorsements

1 Nov 2017    [US] Statement on Potentially Unlawful Promotion of Initial Coin Offerings and Other Investments

30 Oct 2017    [Vietnam] Information related to the use of virtual currency

27 Oct 2017    [Singapore] Singapore mulls putting ICOs in regulatory sandbox

26 Oct 2017    [Hong Kong] SFC warns on coin offers

26 Oct 2017    [France] The AMF Publishes a Discussion Paper on Initial Coin Offerings and Initiates Its UNICORN Programme

14 Oct 2017    [India] India’s Central Bank is ‘Working’ on Bitcoin Regulation: Official

11 Oct 2017    [Russia] Putin Asks Russia’s Central Bank to Stand Down Over Cryptocurrency Ban

10 Oct 2017    [Taiwan] Challenging China: Taiwan Supports Mainstream Adoption of ICOs and Bitcoin

10 Oct 2017    [Ukraine] Ukraine Proposes Law to Completely Legalize Cryptocurrency Transactions

9 Oct 2017    [Abu Dhabi] Abu Dhabi’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority Provides Token Offering, Virtual Currency Guidance

6 Oct 2017    [UK] UK Central Bank Unveils Blockchain Data Privacy Pilot

6 Oct 2017    [Singapore] Singapore’s Central Bank Plans to Regulate Bitcoin Payments

6 Oct 2017    [Taiwan] Taiwan Follows Bitcoin-Friendly Japan, Avoids China & Korea ICO Bans

5 Oct 2017    [Malaysia] Malaysia’s Central Bank Is Considering a Cryptocurrency Ban

4 Oct 2017    [Hong Kong] Potential Delisting of Tokens Pending Compliance Review

29 Sep 2017    [Switzerland] FINMA Guidance 04/2017 – Regulatory treatment of initial coin offerings

30 Sep 2017    [Hong Kong] Hong Kong fast developing as a cryptocurrency centre

29 Sep 2017    [US] SEC Exposes Two Initial Coin Offerings Purportedly Backed by Real Estate and Diamonds

29 Sep 2017    [Japan] Japan Issues Licenses for 11 Bitcoin Exchanges

29 Sep 2017    [Hong Kong] Circular to announce the SFC Regulatory Sandbox

29 Sep 2017    [Switzerland] FINMA Is Investigating ICO Procedures

27 Sep 2017    [Macau] Alert to Risks of Virtual Commodities and Tokens

21 Sep 2017    [Hong Kong] HKMA Chief Warns Of Money Laundering Risks Associated With Bitcoin And Digital Currencies

14 Sep 2017    [Thailand] SEC Thailand’s Viewpoint on ICO

13 Sep 2017    [Dubai] DFSA Issues General Investor Statement on Cryptocurrencies

12 Sep 2017    [UK] Consumer warning about the risks of Initial Coin Offerings

7 Sep 2017    [Malaysia] Media Statement on Initial Coin Offerings

5 Sep 2017    [Hong Kong] SFC issues statement on initial coin offerings

4 Sep 2017    [China] Bitcoin Tumbles as PBOC Declares Initial Coin Offerings Illegal

24 Aug 2017    [Canada] CSA Notice of Cryptocurrency Offerings

10 Aug 2017    [Singapore] Singapore tells Consumers to Exercise Due Diligence on Initial Coin Offerings

1 Aug 2017    [Singapore] MAS clarifies regulatory position on the offer of digital tokens in Singapore

8 May 2017    [Gibraltar] Gibraltar Finance – Proposals for a DLT Regulatory Framework

Mar 2016    [EU] Virtual Currencies Challenges Following Their Introduction

17 Sep 2015    [US] CFTC Orders Bitcoin Options Trading Platform Operator and its CEO to Cease Illegally Offering Bitcoin Options and to Cease Operating a Facility for Trading or Processing of Swaps without Registering

6 Feb 2015    [US] New York SAPA’s BitLicense Regulatory Framework

29 Oct 2014    [US] FinCEN Issues New Rulings Covering Virtual Currency Exchanges and Payment Processors

4 Jul 2014    [EU] EBA Opinion on ‘virtual currencies’


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